Les Pierrugues Cotes Du Rhône, 2018

Smooth dry red from Rhône Valley, France!

A must try is what I will start off with! Les Pierrugues Cotes Du Rhône is a compelling mix of fruit and savory flavors with a long mouth-watering finish. It has the smell of olives and black cherries that got mixed together in a serving dish. You would think this might be a little odd but you are so wrong.

This wine Maker has a neat little back story. Pascal Maillet went to college for Computer Science But realized this wasn’t what he wanted. Basically over night him and his wife decided to wine making is what he wanted to do. So they both, with no experience what so ever, purchased some land and build a vineyard. Cotes du Phone is a perfect blend of classic Rhône varietals that only come from vineyards that are specific, legally designated portion of the Rhône Valley. Kind of cool to know that it comes from a specific area!

This wine pairs well with a great burger or steak!

Try it and let us know what you think! You will not be disappointed.

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