Anchor Bar (Buffalo, NY)

The home of the original chicken wing! A must try!

When we took our road trip to Ontario we visited Niagara Falls on the Canada side. It was so beautiful! Another thing we decided was that we were so close to Buffalo, NY and a bar we saw on TV that is supposedly home of the original chicken wing! We LOVE chicken wings! So away we went to Buffalo, NY!

When we got there, it was such a beautiful town! We got to the bar and it was so neat inside. There were hundreds of license plates from all over United States and autographed photos of famous people that have ate there. They had some really cool things in here that was just a really neat feel.  The waitstaff was friendly and they had so much on their menu to choose from if wings are not your thing!

shared (14)[1112]

We decided to order the largest wing they carried which is served on a giant silver saucer! It had 50 buffalo wings with tons of celery, ranch and blue cheese! We all shared and just ate, and ate, and ate! It was awesome!

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When you think you can’t eat any more there is New York cheesecake and cannoli’s! The kids of course had to try it and they loved it! Everything that we had was wonderful and we would go back in a heartbeat next time we are in Buffalo, NY.

Check out their website below!

Anchor Bar

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