Epic Pizza (St. Louis, MO)

Looking for some excellent wood fired pizza in St. Louis? Well we know just the spot for you!

Sometimes we just crave good wood fired pizza! I am part Italian which could be why, and my husband just loves pizza so that is probably why! We ate at a couple different places when we were in St. Louis, but one night we just wanted pizza and beer! What a great combo!

After a little research we found Epic Pizza and Subs located on S. 9th St. It was so convenient that we could just go up to the counter, order our food and head into the next door area and sit at a high top and enjoy the music and chill till our food was delivered to us. You can get your pizza to go also if that is what you are looking for or you can order yourself a sub instead if you are not feeling pizza.

We ordered the garlic knots with red sauce as our starter, cause we seem to always need a starter 🙂 Then for our pizza we ordered the chicken pesto pizza adding broccoli (yes broccoli!) which has pesto, parmesan, chicken, broccoli, mozzarella, and feta! It was so good we forgot to take a picture right away so you get one with it almost gone! Lol

They delivered our pizza and really needed nothing else but beers. The bartending staff was great at telling us about some local brewed beers, which is always something we look for when we travel. We had the Pale Ale Schlafly from the Saint Louis Brewery!  Link is attached so check out the cool other beers they make!

The atmosphere was nice and cozy! Lots of places to sit, kind of a industrial feel. Seems like it could get pretty packed on the weekends, but we were there during the week and it wasn’t to busy for us.

We defiantly would eat here again! It was nice and relaxing where you felt like you could just take a load of from a busy day seeing the sights of St. Louis!

Check them out! You won’t be disappointed!


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