Good Proteins!

Thinking about proteins, fats, calories and carbs gets to be overwhelming for me! I look at labels all the time and really base a lot of the stuff I buy off of calories, when really I need to look at other things on the label like proteins. The recommended daily intake of protein is 55g for men and 50g for women. I personally do not believe I get my daily dose of protein like I should be, and this is something I really need to work on. Replacing carbs and fats with proteins is a good start if you are trying to tone or lose weight.It also is good for bone health. I found this interesting since I do not drink a lot of milk. Replacing milk with hard-boiled eggs, egg whites, avocados, or beans would be a great way to help my bone health and also is good for our bodies and gives us energy. I wanted to provide a list of proteins that¬† you could start incorporating into your diets to help get to your goal intact for the day. I didn’t always know what was considered a protein and I am sure there are others like me. Below is a list of great proteins for you to try!¬†

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