Dos Reales Mexican Restaurant (Rockford, IL)

Excellent Mexican Food! One of the best Mexican food restaurants we have ate at!

If you are looking for a great place for Mexican food we highly recommend Dos Reales in Rockford, IL.

We started off with the classic cheese dip for our chips and salsa. Wow so yummy! My husband ordered the Enchiladas Con Mole! He said the mole was excellent, a must try! The Enchiladas Con Mole is a three chicken enchiladas topped with our house special mole sauce, queso fresco and jalapeno slices, served with rice and beans! I had the Burrito Bravo.  The Burrito Bravo is a humongous burrito filled with your choice of grilled chicken or steak, plus beans, lettuce and cheese! Served with sour cream and pico de gallo!

If you are into fresh  guacamole this is the place for you! They make Guacamole Rachero right at your table and it is gluten free. The Guacamole Rachero is fresh mashed avocado, mixed with fresh tomatoes, onions, peppers and seasonings. Made and prepared at the time of your order, in an authentic Mexican stone bowl!



The atmosphere is super cute inside, very clean and a friendly staff! Check this place out. It is really good.

Dos Reales Mexican Restaurant

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