Gumballhead – 3 Floyds Brewing Co.

Credit: 3 Floyds

Today for our first micro brew to introduce to everyone that we love is Gumballhead by 3 Floyds! This beer is amazing! This brewery is located in Munster, Indiana. They began their journey creating a wide variety of Ales and Lagers with Amazing unique flavors in 1996.

We have tried many of 3 Floyds beers and have not been disappointed! EVER! Please enjoy this list and next time you’re looking for a great new beer to try, try 3 Floyds and let us know what you think!!

Gumballhead                                     American Wheat  Ale              5.6% ABV
Robert the Bruce                               Scottish Style Ale                      6.5% ABV
Space Station Middle Finger          American Pale Ale                    6.0% ABV
3 Kings                                                American Pale Ale                    5.4% ABV
Yum Yum                                           Pale Ale                                       5.5% ABV
Zombie Dust                                      Pale Ale                                       6.2% ABV
Alpha King                                        American Pale Ale                     6.66% ABV

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