J. Lohr Chardonnay 2016

We wanted to start a segment on really great wines that we drink that are super affordable and super good! Some people might call us “wino’s” but that’s ok? Isn’t it? Lol

Our first wine I would like to share is a J. Lohr Chardonnay 2016. J. Lohr was a man, who 50 years ago decided to change his career path and follow his passion. In the late 60’s he began to look further into the California grape growing regions. He wanted to find the perfect area to start his first vineyard. A decade later, in the early 70’s he chose to start in Monterey County’s Arroyo Seco district. In the 80’s he saw even more potential to grow his vineyards in Paso Robles. He continued building his empire and now J. Lohr Vinyards and Wines has over 1.300 acres of cool-climate vineyards in Arroyo Seco and Santa Lucia highlands, 2,300 acres in Paso Robles and 33 acres in Napa Valley. Him following is true passion always all of us to try some amazing wines!

Our favorite red wine is their Merlot and our favorite white wine is their Chardonnay! I would highly recommend trying their great wines and they can be found starting at $9.99 on sale!

Credit:  https://www.jlohr.com/

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