Impress Petit Verdot 2017

The smoothest red wine I have ever had to this date! A must try in my eyes!

Impress Petit Verdot, a traditional Petit Verdot is used alongside other grapes, it’s native of Bordeaux that has a beautiful deep color, full tannin’s and aromas of fruit and violets. Firstleaf felt that this particular wine deserved its own time to shine, and that is by they brought this wine to the club. The impress will leave you wanting more, which is so true till your husband drinks the rest!

This wine is full of fruit flavors like black cherry, blackcurrant, and blackberry mingling with vanilla and baking spice, this is a perfect wine to pair with foods like rosemary lamb chops, aged cheeses with fruit, and roasted mushrooms.

I pulled this from our collection today and I was so impressed! Red wines for me are hard to come buy some times and this one, the first sip, I was like this is for sure staying in our collection! We drank it with a nice simple spaghetti dinner and it was perfect!

Please try it and let us know what you think! We would love to know!

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