Tropical Paradise Cocktail

Ridiculously refreshing for a warm summer day!


Coconut Rum (I use Parrot Bay, it’s my favorite)

Lemonade of any kind, (I used Simply Strawberry Lemonade)

Grenadine Syrup


Strawberry/Lime Garnish


So these are relaxed instructions to make the cocktail you feel suites you the best! I took a mason jar glass. Filled it 1/3 with iced. I poured the glass 1/2 full of rum, the the rest Strawberry Lemonade with a nice splash of Grenadine! The Grenadine will settle to the bottom to give it a nice sunset look! Garnish with a strawberry and lime and you are all set!

You can always adjust the rum if you would like but I did it with only 1/4 of the glass full of rum and really couldn’t taste it! We are relaxed drinkers so feel free to mix it up as you feel fit!


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