Unsorted, Pinot Noir 2017

Welcome to a beautiful California wine!

So, we received this in one of several of our wine clubs! I love an amazing Pinot Noir! So smooth, easy drinking wine.. that is what I call it.

According to WineAwesomeness.com they describe this wine as such:

Finding stellar Pinot Noir from California at a price that is meant for everyday drinking is becoming more and more impossible. But the crew behind Unsorted Pinot Noir is doing the near impossible. It’s crazy to think that just 30 to 40 years ago the rest of the world mocked Cali vino, but today the Golden State is primed with excellent juice.

This bottle begins with an intriguing incense of mint, eucalyptus, and alluring woodland aromatics. Smooth and lush splashes coat the palate with impressions of early-picked raspberry and blueberry, lending to a mid-palate acidity that yields to spicy hints of coriander and white pepper. This expressive elixir remains vibrant, yet flawlessly integrated to the end.

Nose: Eucalyptus and mint like a spa day in a glass

Palette: Like a fairytale for your taste buds, fresh picked berries mingle with spicy white pepper and coriander.

Eatingsyour favorite cut of red meat and getting fancy with flavorful roasted potatoes, hot and crispy from the oven… This aromatic red is begging for lots of herbs and zesty spices.

Please try this wine! You will not regret it!

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