Paradise Island, Bahamas

Have not posted in a while places we have traveled! So through I would throw in the Bahamas!

We were in the Bahamas in December! Bahamas was not our favorite place that we have ever traveled too but a beautiful island at the least. We flew into Nassau and stayed on both Nassau Island and Paradise Island. We were able to check really cool things like the Queens Staircase, Straw Market, Atlantis, Marina, and stayed at the Warwick which was small but wonderful!

Food was not the greatest, was looking for more of a cultural experience but it was very Americanized. We find this a lot when we travel to the islands, but really just want non-American food.

It was beautiful on the water! Weather in December was in the 70’s, not as hot as we like it but better then Wisconsin weather! Take a look below and our memories! If you ever get the chance check out the Bahamas maybe in March or later! Weather will be much warmer!

Make sure to check out the Queens Staircase. Just a really neat and beautiful stair case that was built for the Queen. She never did walk that staircase but we did! Historical!




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