Six Hats Pinotage 2016

A decadent wine that will pair amazing with a great Bolognese!

I haven’t had a red in a while. Went through a bit of a Pinot Grigio phase, which I am still not out of just wanted to treat my husband to a red tonight so he didn’t always have to drink white! This was so smooth! One of the better red’s I have had.

Six Hats Pinotage is a wine from South Aftrica. We received this wine from Wine Awesomeness wine club. They describe this wine as a medium bodied wine with an intense and typical aroma of ripe strawberries, plums and violets, well balanced with soft oak, mocha and vanilla.

If you are ever in the store and you see this wine I highly recommend it. I am not sure if it is carried in your local grocer or not, but check out the wine clubs out there. We have experienced some really awesome wines that we would of not thought to buy!

Let us know what you think of Six Hats if you do pick it up! We will check out what other wines Six Hats make and let you know what we think!

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