Third Space Happy Place

A refreshing citrus forward Midwest Pale Ale brewed in Milwaukee, WI

What is “Third Space?” How did this brewer come up with their name? Well after touring their brewery in Milwaukee, WI we learned that everyone has their home, their work, but people really need a third space to sit and relax! Third space wants to be your “Third Space”!

This is one of my favorite Midwest pale ales! 45 IBU 5.3% ABV. This IPA is described as a bright hop aroma meets notes of citrus and tropical fruit in this supremely balanced hoppy pale ale! I totally agree!

I am a huge citrus IPA lover and this is my jam! It is perfect for when you have a long day at work and come hope and need something refreshing, when you are BBQing and it’s a warm summer day, or you are heading to friends and family and want to bring a little something everyone will love, pick up a 6 pack!

You will not regret it! It is the best! If you are ever in Milwaukee, WI make sure you check out the brewery it is great and their is a ton of beers to choose from incase an IPA is not your thing! You can take a tour, or just grab a beer and sit outsideĀ and play bags and listen to music. Ultimately a great third space for everyone!

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