Dakota Tavern (Toronto, Ontario)

Ok, so can I start out by saying Toronto, Ontario is one of the most wonderful place to visit! So much to do, so much to see, and just an amazing place to be!

When we got into Toronto we ate at a place called Dakota Tavern. It was this rundown looking bar in an earthy part of town and at first made us a little nervious. Looks, my friend can be deceiving! We walked in, and down the stairs to the underground and oh my were we surprised. It was so homey in there. Lots of wood, and cute lights.

They had a wonderful Bluegrass band playing while we were eating also which was so cool for us to enjoy while we ate! They called it the Bluegrass Brunch! Fitting!


They serve their breakfast family style for the Bluegrass Brunch. We got scrambled eggs, sausage, breakfast potatoes, pancakes, and fruit! It was really good food and a reasonable price! The waitstaff was friendly and made you feel like a local! This was a great start to the beginning of our vacations!

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If you are ever in Toronto visiting please check out Dakota Tavern! The link is below for you to look at their menu! you will NOT be disappointed!

Dakota Tavern

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