Biscuit Love (Nashville, TN)

Best biscuits in Nashville!

Biscuit Love, need we say more! All homemade and farm to table! Everything on the menu is to die for!

We had to hit this place when we were in Nashville, TN. No ifs, and or buts!

So had to start out sharing the “Lily” for breakfast. We really didn’t need this but wow did it look great! This consists of biscuit french toast, lemon mascarpone, blueberry compote and house made syrup.

Then I had the “Hummingbird Family Reserve” which consists of drop biscuits, filled with Pineapples and banana jam, topped with pecans and cream cheese frosting. My husband had the “S.E.C” which was buttermilk biscuits, smoked sausage, one egg and aged cheddar!

I would say this is the best breakfast food I have ever had! The environment is cozy feeling, everyone is friendly and the food is amazing. Location is great also, right downtown and within walking distance of a lot of fun things to do!

Please check this place out! Link is below if you would like to see their menu!

Biscuit Love


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